Cosmetic Facial Plastic Surgery


With aging, the degeneration of skin cells results in loose skin on the face and neck. Facelift, also known as meloplasty or rhytidectomy, involves surgical procedures that tighten and remove drooping skin. This surgical tightening of the facial muscles improves the tone of the skin. These procedures also involve the removal and repositioning of the excessive fat present beneath the skin.

Face lift is more commonly performed in the age group of 40-65 years, but people in the higher or lower age group can also go for it. The results of a facelift usually last for 5-12 years.

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Lip Enhancement

Lip enhancement enhances the contour, definition and shape of your lips. It is used to plump up thin lips or to redefine the lost shape and fullness of the lips because of ageing. It also removes fine vertical lines above and below the lips which occur as you age and are called as smoker's lines, lifts up the drooping corners of the mouth and prevents lipstick from bleeding. Although surgical techniques are available, in most cases the condition can be addressed with non-surgical techniques and also the non-surgical techniques confer several benefits such as non-invasive procedure are therefore less trauma, minimal recovery period, and also affordable compared to surgical procedures.

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Brow Lift

Brow lift also called as forehead lift is an aesthetic treatment to correct low position of the eyebrows and to remove horizontal lines and vertical frown lines on the forehead. This surgical procedure can be done in people who naturally have them and also in those who develop them as a result of stress or ageing.

Brow lift procedure softens facial lines, uplifts the eyebrows and helps you to regain a softer, younger look and gives you a better aesthetic appearance.

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Ear reshaping, also known as otoplasty, is a surgical procedure carried out to correct defects affecting the external ear.

The ear is divided into three parts; external ear, middle ear and inner ear. The external ear is made of folds of skin and cartilage (firm and flexible connective tissue) and consists of the auricle or pinna which is the visible part of the ear, and the external acoustic meatus which is the canal extending from the opening in the external ear to the inside of the ear.

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Blepharoplasty is also called eyelid lift surgery. It is performed to correct the sagging of skin in the upper and lower eyelids. This improves the appearance of your eyelids and the area around it to give you a younger and more relaxed look.

You are a candidate for eyelid lift surgery if you are healthy, a non-smoker and not suffering from any chronic or life-threatening disease conditions. Risks of the procedure increase for people with diabetes, dry eyes, glaucoma, high blood pressure, thyroid problems, heart and vascular diseases.

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Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure performed to repair or reshape the nose. It can improve the size, shape and the angle of the nose and create a proportion with the rest of your face. It is also performed to correct structural problems with the nose. There are two mainrhinoplastytechniques:

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Eye Lengthening Surgery

Eye lengthening surgery or lateral canthoplasty is a surgery performed especially in Asians to increase the eye's length from one corner to the other. It is performed at the outer corner of the eyelid margin.

In those of Asian descent and certain other populations, the outer portion of the upper eyelid slants or droops down. This may be pronounced, reducing the length of the eye, making it look small and tired. Surgery may be performed to remove or reduce this fold and increase the length of the eye, making them appear more alert.

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Accordion Line Treatment

Accordion lines or smile lines are the curved vertical lines that form outside the corners of your mouth when you smile.


Repeated smiling may cause the skin in this area to become lax, leaving prominent lines even when you relax after smiling. The loss of facial fat and elasticity as part of the aging process contribute to accordion lines. They are usually more pronounced in people with thin faces.

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Cheek and Chin Implants

A beautiful face is a balanced face with the eyes, nose, lips, cheek and chin in proportion to each other. Facial implants can be used to enhance structural integrity and create a more balanced and attractive face in patients with a disproportion between the different sections of the face.

Augmentation of the cheek and the chin are the most common facial implant procedures. A chin implant can improve the appearance of the chin whereas a cheek implant can give a more voluminous look to otherwise flat cheeks. These facial implants are made of biocompatible materials and are available in different shapes and sizes to achieve the desired results.

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