• Rhinoplasty

    Rhinoplasty describes all kinds of different surgeries, that change the shape of a nose. Some people desire to have the appearance of their nose changed. The motivation for such surgery varies a lot.

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  • Nasal congestion

    Many patients complain about a congested nose, this is a very common symptom and everyone has already experienced such situation. This is, because the nose contains structures, the lower and medial turbinate, which have the ability to expand and shrink. It is a mechanism that is regulated through blood circulation in the nose and gives us the ability to adjust the temperature of the inhaled air and the ability to control the volume and speed of the nasal flow. Some research has revealed that the human nose undergoes cycles of partial swelling of the turbinate where often only the nasal passage on one side is clear. When patients complain about congestion however they are talking about a grade of congestion that has more impact and lasts longer than such natural cycle.

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  • Common Ear Problems - Part Two

    Some of the ear canal infections can go ahead with such swelling that the canal gets fully obstructed often the swollen skin also discharges infectious liquid, which may leave even redness and rhaghades visible at the outer ear.

    In these cases we observe also a muffled hearing. But the worst is that it goes along with unbearable pain and if certain germs are involved, with erosions of the tympanic membrane that may lead to holes in the ear drum.

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  • Common Ear Problems - Part One

    Patients are suffering mostly from either ear pain or muffled hearing, which can happen separately or combined.

    Very common in the UAE is the swimmers ear which is an irritation in the outer ear that can increase to a severely painful ear canal infection with swelling, discharge and hearing loss.

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